Custom 1/12 scale felted animals on a movable metal wire armature

My love for miniatures, animals and dolls has always been very strong. Drawing, sculpting and animation are also part of my passions. Since I am an eternal kid inside, I like to move and play with my miniatures which lead me to learn needle felting so that I can make movable scupltures on a metal armature. My sculptures can take many positions and are made from a mix of wool and silk. They are 1/12 scale and are made to fit in any dollhouse scene. I simply love to do custom sculptures of people's pets and am always looking forward to a new challenge. I also started to make ball jointed dolls which has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I am open for commissions, please contact me should you have any questions or comments.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ginger felted calico cat portrait of Bella, 1/12 scale dollhouse miniature

Hello once again, I am back with another fun miniature today...

Here is my latest felted creation, a beautifull ginger calico cat portrait of Bella in 1/12 scale. Her eyes are so bright, they reflect light very nicely. I made them using very small cabochons after removing the foil backing and painted the details with iridescent pigments and ink. Her silky fur is made with silk, wool and natural alpaca fibers. This is the first time I use Alpaca in my sculptures and I had a lot of fun using it!

Here she is:

And here is the real Bella:

See you next post!


  1. I asked Carine to make me a miniature replica of Bella my cat who passed away last year.

    She made Bella so realistic that her image brought tears to my eyes. She has captured her look perfectly and even her gentle personality shines through.

    You have an incredible talent Carine and you will go far girl. I am so fortunate to have the privilege of having one of your sculptures. Many thanks for sharing your talent with me. ~Suzanne

    1. Thank you so much for taking some of your time to comment on my blog and for your very kind words. It touched me deeply. I am really happy you like your sculpture and hope it helps you remember your beloved pet:) Thank you for encouraging my art:)