Custom 1/12 scale felted animals on a movable metal wire armature

My love for miniatures, animals and dolls has always been very strong. Drawing, sculpting and animation are also part of my passions. Since I am an eternal kid inside, I like to move and play with my miniatures which lead me to learn needle felting so that I can make movable scupltures on a metal armature. My sculptures can take many positions and are made from a mix of wool and silk. They are 1/12 scale and are made to fit in any dollhouse scene. I simply love to do custom sculptures of people's pets and am always looking forward to a new challenge. I also started to make ball jointed dolls which has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I am open for commissions, please contact me should you have any questions or comments.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

1/12 scale bjd portrait dollhouse doll commission

Here is a commission for a 1/12 scale portrait ball jointed doll wearing modern clothing. I am very happy with the way she turned out. This is also the first time I design, knit and finish a long sleeved shirt (see my previous post).
Here are a some pictures. Hope you guys like her too.

I had to modify the glasses that I was given in order to better frame her face. Just a couple of adjustments did the trick and the glasses look perfect.

I made her a bold manucure with sensationail. I just love the colour :)
Here is a detail of the sole of her shoes. I was inspired by my sandals to make these.

For the sandals I used tiny tiny rectangle beads to get a nice design.

I had fun making her very delicate earrings.

She has beautifull blue glass eyes. If you want to see how they were made you can check this link.
 Since the pupils are painted behind the glass, the space between the glass and the painted iris gives the illusion of the gaze following you which is something I find really cool and really brings it to life! 

Okay, some people may find that creepy but in a way, that makes it even cooler :)
Wait... Am I weird?!

Here is a detail of my first miniature shirt.

I had to learn to do a V neck to do this... If you want to know what materials I used, please check my previous post by clicking here.

It was kind of tricky to make hair with streaks but I think it turned out looking realistic so I am happy with it.

And this is how tiny she is.

 Here she is working on a 1/12 scale macbook pro made by liluminiature. If you love modern miniatures and have a thing for macs, you might want to ckeck this etsy page:

Hope you liked my doll :) 
See you next post

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